As a photographer, in the past, I was completely absorbed with objects, spaces, and light, but during a recent trip to India, documented in my most recent portfolio, India: An Almost Ordinary Day, I have been seduced by the charm of individual human beings. I am still engaged with the things we make, and the things that are obscured, or only partially revealed. But the transitory life that is brought into the space by living beings has snared my attention — not only people, but birds and beasts.

I remain an accumulator, gathering images of a specific engaging visual phenomenon that I call “optical.” They are collected in my Portal to Nowhere portfolio. I have found images that flip back and forth, light that writes on already written surfaces, strange relationships of shadows and pierced spaces, and unusual perspectives sometimes found in stairwells.

My photographs are not timeless; quite the opposite. Markers anchor the work to a specific time, especially images of material culture. We recognize the time-signs by historical references, garments, vehicles, architecture, juxtapositions, or by something that is in process that will, inevitably, be completed.

It is this ever-changing environment that is engaging.

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